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REALTOR Action Fund


The REALTOR® Action Fund raises money to help promote the values, attitudes, and beliefs of organized real estate and every dollar is uded to proyect and advance REALTORS® interest in government. Thank you very much for being a part of the team that helps protect our industry!



If you have any questions or are in need of assistance in making your RAF contribution, please contact Elizabeth de Carteret at (818) 947-2256 at SRAR OR Lisa Edwards at (916) 492-5211 at C.A.R.


The Southland Regional Association of REALTORS® leadership would like to thank you for your contribution to the REALTOR® Action Fund.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2016 RAF iPad Sweepstakes are: Roy Bernard, of White House Properties, Marilyn Feldman of Re/Max Grand and Patrik Lopez of Keller William VIP Properties. Members who contributed at least $20 to RAF were entered into a drawing to win one of three iPads. 


Nancy Starczyk 2016 President-Elect, Roy Bernard, Winnie Davis RAF Chair, Marilyn Feldman, Patrick Lopez, Gina Uzunyan 2016 President.  


The winner of our 2016 RAF $200 Visa Dues Billing Sweepstakes is William Mere of Park Regency Realty, Granada Hills. 

Members who contributed at least $49 to the Realtor Action Fund and paid their dues on time were entered into a drawing for a $200 Visa Gift Card.


We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to the Realtor Action Fund!  




Gina Uzunyan 2016 President and William Mere.



We would like to thank and recognize the following 2016 REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) Contributors. AND Thank You to those who remembered to "CHECK THE BOX".

NAR Hall of Fame and *Presidents Circle

Thomas Carnahan*
Wendy Furth*
Beth Peerce*
Steve White*
Pat "Ziggy" Zicarelli*

NAR Sterling 'R'

Sharon Barron*      
James Bevis
Gina Covello
Winnie Davis*
James Ezell

Erika Kauzlarich-Bird    
Linda Lesser
Emily Link
Lauretta Martin*
Alice McCain

Patti Petralia*    
Jeff Phillips
Gaye Rainey*
Nancy Starczyk

Nancy Troxell
Dean Vincent 
Mel Wilson
Cindy Wu*

*Presidents Circle

California Silver Bear

Liliana Alfonso    
Wendy Hale
Roger Hance
Bob Khalsa
Dennis Koontz



Vilma Letosky
Rana Linka
Emelinda Roberts     
Fred Sabine
Diane Sydell


Daniel Tresierras
Gina Uzunyan

Gary Washburn



The True Cost of Doing Business

Jon Bourgault
Doris Casas Salas
Cathy DeRose
Eleanor Dullas
Amanda Etcheverry     
Jesse Guzman



Jason Hector
Louisa Henry
Sandra Hernandez     
Robert Johnson
Jeffrey Kahn
Howard Katchen
Martin Kovacs
Elie Lacy

David Loyd
Paul Marks
Anita Martin
Melanie McShane    
Manya Prybyla
Lance Quinn
Irene Reinsdorf
Rafael Requena

Lynn Rinker
Pascual Salazar
Victor Viereck
Judy Von Arb
Terri Weeks



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