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 Sidewalk at Point-of-Sale

Gas valves and low flush toilets are examples of the kind of "point of sale" ordinances that we recognize . Legislators often find themselves with issues that they can't Police or enforce and try to get REALTORS to do the work for them at POINT OF SALE. We are against point of sale items because it increases the work load and liability of REALTORS. If a safety issue is proposed then surely this should effect all homes and not just those at point of sale. The fact that a home is sold has nothing to do with a safety retrofit that should be required on all homes. Point of sale also effects affordability, as the cost may be passed to the buyer.

Currently, there is a move in the city of Los Angeles to have sidewalks repaired at point of sale.
Cities are the party responsible for notifying the owner when a sidewalk needs repair. (See California Streets and Highways Code, Sec. 5610-5618.)

We consider that this piece meal method of repairing sidewalks is not efficient, and pays no regard to those needing repair the most. It may result in the city repairing sidewalks that don't need repair at a cost of $8 sq.ft. The total cost may be increased greatly by the need to add ramps and move electrical boxes and utilities, this may result in a charge of $10,000 for the seller. Unfortunately, not everyone who sells a home has enough equity to pay for the replacement of sidewalks and still buy a new home. If a sidewalk needs repair or replacement the city should notify the owner regardless of whether the property is being sold and request the work be carried out. The owner should be able to choose who carries out the repair.

City of Los Angeles Motion

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REALTORS® are a special interest group working to promote and protect private property rights and to protect and promote the brokerage and management of real estate. Join the Governmental Affairs Committee if you wish to know what is happening politically or wish to volunteer. We learn about and debate the issues, take positions and hold events with legislators. Speak to Elizabeth de Carteret via email at




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