We are pleased to announce the beginning release of the new Supra® eKEY® app for iOS (iPhone®) users on Monday, January 7.

The Supra eKEY app was released to a limited number of Android™ users over the past couple of weeks. Release the app to the rest of Android users began today.

How and when will the app be delivered?
For eKEY app users that have automatic app updates turned on, the app stores will automatically deliver the app to users. eKEY users that do not have automatic updates turned on can go to the app store and download it. The minimum requirement for the new eKEY app is Android OS 5 or iOS 10.

Do the apps need a new authorization code?
The eKEY app does not require a new authorization as long as it is installed on a device that already has an authorized eKEY app.

How will Supra let Keyholders know about the new eKEY app release?
When the new eKEY app is available to all users, Supra will send a message within the existing eKEY app letting users know that a new version of the app is available along with a link to resources for more information.

Important Note for Android users
To open keyboxes with the new Supra eKEY app, Location Services need to be enabled. To turn on Location Services, tap Settings, tap Location, and tap the slider to turn it On.

More Information at:


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